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We fix men

Your relationship is for your wife to fix

Are you in a relationship, where you used to be her best option, and woke up one day to a dead bedroom or an impending divorce?

If you’re willing to put in the work and change the way you look at your relationship, I can show you how to get that genuine sexual desire back in your life, though it may not be with the girl you started with


What I Do

I’m part of a group of men who were tired of being lied to by those meant to look out for us. We did the job that our fathers, grandfather and pastors never did.

We made men sexually successful. We swapped notes on creates a system that works, so long as one has the stomach for it.

It’s not for everyone, but it works.

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Who is this for?

If you were told your wife needs to be your best friend. If you were told communication was key, but never found it working in your favor. If you were shamed for wanting a healthy enthusiastic sex life, but still expected to bring home the bacon every day.

If all this is you, and you’d rather burn it all to the ground than suffer the indignity of being the plow horse, then this is for you.

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Constant Content for you

Between YouTube, essays on sexual strategy, podcasts, convention speeches and client consulting, you can invest as little or as large as you would like. I get it, you’ve been lied to before, promised the moon and delivered nothing.

If after being here for a while you aren’t convinced, then there’s no use in having you in the high-investment areas.

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We all came from the trenches

After 6 years of work. After repairing both my own marriage, as well as working with tens of thousands of other men, the system is developed to the point where any man can have confidence in his path.

It only works when you are committed

It only works when you adopt the strategies we discuss

It only works when you’ll held accountable by men who have been there already


We don’t fix the relationship, we fix the man

—Rian Stone

It’s amazing how well a woman acts when shes worried she will lose her man

— The Ultimate CAD


Sometimes it’s just one thing

A lot of guys have their life mostly on lock, but lack the understanding for a key issue. For those guys, I also offer a one-off consult to address them.

An hour of your life to learn that the obstacle is the way