4R Classic's

4R Classic's


Who doesn't love a great pair of wayfarer's? They are classic, stylish and bold. The beach's answer to wearing a fitted suit. They give that calm and cool composure with the sun staring at you while you're talking to that girl.

Plus, when she lays on top of them back at your place, you don't mind buying another pair, because the story was worth it.

I've had mine and taken them around the world. Ireland, Mexico, Croatia. I bought them to be disposable, now they are indispensable!

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  • Frames: Black, gloss

  • Lens: Black

  • Style: Wayfarer

Partnered with Merry’s for a stylish, durable and versatile set of shades that can handle situations from the formal to the casual! Polarized so you can actually see who you’re talking to in the light while keeping your eyes healthy.

Will fit and look great for all facial profiles