Red Pilled Coffee Episode

Red Pilled Coffee Episode


Ever want to have a field report of yours, question, or other issue in your life with the same production value as my other redpilled content? It’s been asked, and I have finally delivered.

Make your life, or your struggles part of the red pilled lexicon!

Included is:

  • Your call, 100% anonymous, a pseudonym, real name, or social media handle linked to video

  • 10 Minute RP Coffee episode on your issue, strategies to get out of it, and the best explanation available on how it happened

  • Be aware, if it is material outside of my expertise, I will offer you the choice between a best-guess video, or a full refund

Many of us don’t have time to make content. Make your own mark on the world by being one of the many red pilled data points out there helping yourself through helping other men.

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If you would like to have content created specifically for your questions, this is the place. I run a series on YouTube called Red Pilled Coffee, where I go over a singular topic or question.

If you’d like your specific scenario or question created into a permanent part of the manosphere, this is the way! Imagine, you have your life (anonymous, of course) put together in a wonderful little video for the world to see. You’ll be able to see other men learning from your experience, and learn from the experiences of other men, all while having a coffee, making an omelette, or just being able to see something of meaning coming from your life!

When purchasing a video, what you’ll receive:

  • A video outlining your question or story, along with the way other men have handled it in the past through a red pilled lens.

  • Exposure to your ideas throughout the manosphere.

While the schedule will be variable, subject to the normal video release schedule, it should have a production completed within 7 days of receipt, along with daily reports of how the process goes, scripts, and sneak previews of the video before it goes live, similar to how the Patreon reward work.

I will offer a full refund in the following cases:

  • The intent of your purchase is to purposefully attack another person, your material can be seen breaking laws or any YouTube terms of service, or the content is too distant from the idea of men’s sexual strategy. Finally, if the subject material doesn’t have enough insight or experience available to create a coherent video, I will contact you and we will discuss options