The Male Action Plan

The Male Action Plan

799.99 every month for 1 year

The Male Action Plan is our year long (sometimes more, usually less) counselling and on-the-job training experience. Though thousands of men working over years, we’ve found 12 months is the usual amount of time a guy takes to turn his dead bedroom or unfulfilling life around.


  1. Conduct an initial fitness check, see where your strengths and weaknesses are

  2. Deliver your personal Male Action Plan, or your road-map to your new life.

  3. 2 monthly coaching sessions via phone or video chat.

  4. Weekly accountability emails. I am not going to let you fail yourself.

  5. Opt-in for any exclusive content from the manosphere, stuff that isn’t available anywhere else

  6. 24/7 Access via email to ask anything you need clarification.


1.0 Terms and Conditions:

I do counseling as set forth in the particular consulting product which you purchased at I don’t do these anonymously, so I required an actual name and email address from you. I suggest you conduct your calls from a google hangout of Skype number, for the sake of your own privacy. Please provide which is a preferable means to contact you on.

2.0 Privacy

If I take you on you’ll have access to my personal contact information. You are required to agree to keep this communication confidential (no sharing on social media or blogs, etc.) and no distributing email addresses, online access passwords or personal cell phone numbers. Doing so will be grounds for immediate termination of our correspondences with no refund. the protection of my clients privacy and their discretion is paramount.

2.1 Discretion

All our communication is private. That means no sharing our conversations with other parties, wives, girlfriends family or friends. This isn’t to isolate you from them, but rather to have our discourse free from the input of people outside who are sometimes (often) the source of a guy’s problems. 

Our one-on-one’s are between you and I only and I will never discuss our communication with other individuals, unless you specifically give me permission, which would be done only for the purpose of testimonials. Any such information, upon your approval would be scrubbed of identifying information, and you may rescind this permission at any time through an email to this account.

You will have complete confidentiality in the same manner as a doctor and patient, and I also adhere to a Hippocratic oath – do no harm. I expect you to do the same.

3.0 Termination

You also accept to abide by all terms that were set in your initial preparation email

You enter into this counseling arrangement at both our convenience and both parties reserve the right to terminate our communications at any time. You understand that I am not an officially licensed doctor, psychologist, suicide counselor or clinician and all my advice to you is based on my own (extensive) experience. I reserve the right to terminate our communications if at any time I feel:

    • Your issues require professional psychological attention.

    • You violate our privacy agreement or you become personally destructive to either yourself or me. 

I reserve the right to refer you to a suicide prevention or psychological professional if that is my assessment of your issues.

4.0 Expectations

As a consult I will require you do some reading and exercise activities. I do not make money off any the material I am suggesting to you. Depending on your level of commitment, this will be similar to a university co-op program. It will be on you to secure the reading materials, your own fitness equipment and time etc. This is the practice side of the theory I’ll work with you on. While I cannot force you to do these practices you will have to accept that our talks are only as effective as your commitment to put what we discuss into practice in your life. You will only get out of our talks what you’re willing to put into them.

5.0 Scheduling

I do consults on a monthly basis. That means we talk personally once a month for the time allotted. I am not an on-call therapist and I cannot do ‘emergency’ interventions. If that is the degree of care that you need you’d be better off with a mental heath professional. Email updates will occur weekly. the purpose is to refine our current plan, and they will not be used to conduct business outside of the issues defined in your initial research survey

6.0 Responsibilities

I will only tell you what you need to hear, never what I think will keep you paying me. The goal here is to get you to where you need to be, at the time it requires to get there. I will never give you advice based on what I think will keep you coming back, and you are free to cancel your subscription (if applicable) at any time. I will continue to provide my services until the end of the last payment period.

Lastly, you must also accept that anything I tell you will be based in a Red Pill praxeology. Often times guys have a very tough time accepting some of these concepts, or attempt to frame them as mathematical certainties. Especially when they conflict with ones ego investments. I will ask you to do some very hard work in this respect.

There is no formula or 12 step plan to solve your problems and grant you a better life. Your issues are yours and require your individualized attention to them. While it’s true that a lot of men share the same common problems, they all experience them individually and require your own personal judgement on how to refine these broad concepts to your particular situation.

7.0 Conclusion

If you are Red Pill aware, if you are willing to do some hard work and you’re willing to get kicked in the ass sometimes to make a positive change, I can give you the tools to help you do this.