Kids aren't a second chance at ones own shitty childhood

I’m not a father, but I’ve been a friend to fathers, and I’ve been the friend of their kids. I will say this, way too many men treat father hood as a second chance of their fathers to raise them a way they wanted them to. It’s a horrible burden to place on their children, and somewhat shortsighted.

Every man of greatness has had a father that wasn’t their friend, I don’t enjoy seeing this pattern

New Years Resolutions

Plenty of guys telling men to stop ruining their women. Hey bud, I got to enjoy what I earned, don’t blame me because you weren’t her first choice.

Perfectly illustrated by me getting dunked on in University, culminated with me dunking on my buddy Dave in Dubai [phallic photo related]

Why is The Red Pill so Hated?

‘Never drink at sea, never eat ashore'.’ My version of ‘write drunk, edit sober.’ An analysis on the vitriol towards a rather benign topic. While I may have put this together, it’s the thoughts and writings of many other men that got it to where it is here.

The Archwinger Series: We are here for the unhappy

This is something that comes up every time The Red Pill finds its way to society writ large. This is usually done by a group of guys who want to signal how great they are, or a group of women who want to project the image of their asshole ex husband onto a scapegoat. It was too well put for me to let it die within a subreddit on the chopping block.

Power, Abundance, Ego

Everyone is so worried, harsh words and some Thot stories will scare a man away from life. The best growth in my life has come right after some hardship and tough love, never from placating my fears

I didn't need attaboys, never did. I needed a kick in the ass