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Rian Stone

I am a small town kid of rural Canada. Grandfather was a Baptist minister who ran a farm in Alberta, dad was a 70s playboy. Raised on a ranch and logging camp in small town BC. After university, joined the Royal Canadian Navy for 12 years, deployed to Somalia to hunt pirates, trained the next batch of professional sailors, and helping defend my country; retiring to downtown Toronto to enjoy my life in the financial district in my white-collar profession.

It’s like the all-american trope, except I can’t play football.

Since running into some hard times in 2014, have learned about sexual strategy from men within the red pill, including distinguished author Rollo Tomassi, clinical Psychologist Dr. Shawn Smith and Dr. Robert Glover, marriage counselor Ian Ironwood.

I’ve been a moderator in the locker room, or the Reddit subreddits Theredpill and Marriedredpill for 3 years, spoken twice annually at the 21 Convention in Orlando, Florida and am one of the hosts of the Red Man Group podcast, streaming every Saturday morning.

I am not an academic. I’m a small town rancher who learned how to navigate the modern sexual marketplace and want to help others achieve the same

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